Ana Carrasco with Provec and Kawasaki in 2019


Ana Carrasco with Provec and Kawasaki in 2019

The Kawasaki rider from Murcia will

defend her world title in 2019 with a new structure created just for


The executives of Provec, the

brothers Guim Roda and Biel Roda plus Alvar Garriga, along with the

racing support staff of Kawasaki Motors Europe, have developed a

programme made to measure for the Spanish rider for the WorldSSP300

Championship. The aim is to keep making history with the 2018 World

Champion and offer the best support and technical structure possible.

In a category that is becoming more and more competitive, 2019 will be

more difficult than 2018, but the intention of the project is to have

Ana fighting for the podium in every race.

Carrasco: “In first place, I am very pleased to continue being a

Kawasaki rider and to carry on astride the Ninja 400, I’d like to

sincerely thank all the work performed by the DS Junior Team in 2018,

with which we were champions. In spite of all the Public Relations

activities of these last months after becoming world champion, my

priority has always been to find the best technical resources in order

to face the 2019 season, I’ll be wearing the No. 1 and that means that

the pressure will be extremely high, we’ll see if we are capable of

being at the highest level again.”
Guim Roda: “Last

year’s result was spectacular, and after the tenacity and determination

of Ana, we were left with no choice but to set up a project tailored for

Ana and help her be a world reference and an example for all women who

follow the goal of “yes I can”. We found ourselves morally obligated to

set up this project, and there’s a very high responsibility weighing

down on us to repeat last year’s results and we are going to build up a

team of people around Ana that will help us achieve that objective.

To start off, she’s coming to live in Barcelona as of January 8, where

she will start a personal training programme in the Car of Sant Cugat,

She’ll also combine together with the physical training, dirt-track,

flat track and motocross tests in Rocco’s Camp, Montmeló and continue

her second year law studies at UCAM.
The idea is to

launch Ana into her next orbit and professionalise further where needed

the achievement of last year; let’s see how far we can go.”